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26 April 2022


by Matti

Hey there! I want to get into writing longer posts with less pressure than a published article. I had a sort of blog earlier with some posts and another over at medium with some tutorials, butthose are very outdated at this point. I considered setting up a hakyll site, but it’s just easier to be able to configure it all right from GitHub.

I’ve been very active on twitter in the last few years, but the 280 characters limits you to what is essentially aphorisms and no real detail. For sure one type of writing, but I want to be able to go into more detail while not polluting others timelines with too much stuff. I’ve also created a lot of content over at twitch and YouTube, and I’m especially proud of my various talks (I put a lot of effort into making them engaging) and I’ve had good times doing advent of code live on Twitch (and the recordings on YouTube).

During the pandemic I also got into video in general, and created a tutorial on how to look better online using good lighting, and I got heavily involved in photography (which I mostly share on instagram). Anyway, I hope this page here can be yet another creative outlet for me for more text heavy stuff. Hope you enjoy!